Why attend

Attendees joined this gathering from wherever they were working and learned what major clients and contractors are doing to decarbonise construction through better procurement, design, construction and life cycle management, and to hear about innovative solutions that can be applied to your project today.

By attending you can help your business along the journey to 2050 and learn about the approach being used across the industry.

At our virtual Decarbonising Construction 2022 event attendees benefited from:

  • Access to the forward-thinking clients and contractors who are changing their approach to sustainability
  • Insight from businesses that are reducing carbon in their operations and strategy
  • Best practice from projects leading the way through innovative design and construction techniques 
  • Debate on how construction can meet the challenge of the 2050 net-zero target and the steps industry can take to influence change
  • Knowledge of how alternative materials, fuels and technology can support the industry’s decarbonisation journey 
  • Opportunities to share experiences and pose your questions to industry leaders

Whether you are a client, contractor, designer or supplier, the event will ensure you have the insight to meet the short to long term challenges facing the industry as it reduces carbon.

Register now for 2023 here.