Virtual event platform

Virtual events have developed over the last couple of years and have now become a hugely valuable and accessible event format. CN Decarbonising Construction has run now for three years. Construction News has used those three years to refine our event format and develop our virtual event platform which is created in partnership with Swapcard.

About Swapcard

Swapcard is a virtual event platform like no other: a web browser-based and mobile accessible app which allows for seamless content participation, learning, and networking. It is simple to navigate and learn, and there is a live-help chat feature for anyone who gets stuck. The platform features a private meeting functionality, meaning you can set up meetings between delegates for a time which suits you, then join an embedded video call within the site. The platform facilitates networking via private messaging, video call, discussion-chat, and 'connections' (a feature similar to LinkedIn).

Session formats on Swapcard vary, from keynote presentations and panel discussions, to interactive roundtable discussions and workshops where attendees can join in and contribute from the comfort of their homes or offices.

Attending a virtual event held via Swapcard means you can dip in and out at your leisure, using the dedicated brand mobile app to access on the move.

How does it work?

Once you purchase your place to attend the event, you will be contacted by a member of our event operations team. They will provide you with information about how to log into an account on Swapcard which will be created on your behalf.

When you log in, you will have the opportunity to create and amend your personal profile which is on display for other delegates to see on the attendee list. The profile will allow you to add a biography, a photograph, social media links, and contact details.

Other delegates, by default, can see your name, job title, organisation name, and photograph/bio. Other delegates can only see your contact details if you agree to 'connect' with them via the platform (just like on LinkedIn).

Your profile is also the place other delegates can request meetings or connections with you, and send you a direct message.,

Once you have logged in and set up your profile, you're good to browse the rest of the platform and explore the event. Check out the Agenda tab, take a look at fellow attendees and send a few networking requests if that suits you. There may be some pre-event content available to stream immediately, or you may need to wait for the sessions to begin streaming at the stated event dates and times.

Take some time to explore the sponsor/exhibitor profiles and see what products and services they have on offer. Read up on the speakers at the event by looking at their profiles, where you'll find an in-depth biography for each.

Can I access Swapcard without paying to attend the event?

No, access to the virtual event platform is for paying event attendees only.

Will I be able to watch the content back after the event?

Yes! All of the content streamed at the event will remain accessible via the virtual event platform for a minimum of 3 months, meaning you can log back in at your leisure to access it.

Are there any technical restrictions when accessing the platform?

Anyone can access the platform via a browser (Google Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Edge - though Internet Explorer does not work) - and also via the mobile app which is available on Android and iOS devices. Sometimes attendees struggle to stream content when connected via a work VPN, so we would always suggest disconnecting from that first.

Our event operations team are on-hand in the lead up to, and during the event, to assist you with any technical difficulties you may experience.

I have a question about the virtual event platform which isn't answered here...

No problem - please simply contact us. This event's operations person is Amelia Knowles ( Please don't hesitate to drop them an email and they can answer your question(s).

We look forward to seeing you at CN Decarbonising Construction 2023!