BAM Decarbonising construction

21-22 July 2021 | Virtual event



BAM is a leading construction and property services company, part of Royal BAM Group. 

The UK has set an ambitious target to reach net zero by 2050. As 40% of the UK’s carbon emissions are generated by the built environment, the onus is on the construction industry and building owners/operators to start reducing carbon emissions in both new and existing stock to meet the 2050 deadline.

BAM is a signatory of the World Green Building Council’s Net Zero Carbon Building Commitment and we have agreed that by 2030 we will only occupy and develop net zero carbon buildings. We are also supporting our clients to achieve their own ambitions, enabling them to deliver net zero on new and existing schemes. 

Our approach takes into consideration embodied carbon (the carbon footprint of a material through the supply chain, to its use on site and end of life) and operational carbon (carbon emissions generated during a building’s operations). 
We also have expertise in delivering schemes using the Passivhaus approach, which uses low levels of energy to provide end users with high levels of comfort.


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